How We Found Our Second Artist - He is inspired by those who cannot see

The video above will move you! Especially the end. We simply should not just see but feel all that is around us. This one statement moved us when our second artist shared the inspiration behind his art for the visually impaired and for those impaired of their feelings towards others. He wants his art to inspire people to feel. 

Art is a way to see the world. To send a message.Being an artist isn’t just about putting paint brush to canvas. Art can and does mean so much more that that, to so many people.  It can be exciting, empowering and a way of expression. It can be anything and everything you let it be! For Daviel, it is about sending a message.

We are two sisters on a mission to make a real difference. Finding our first artist Jason, who is now family for us, was an inspiring experience Bringing Jason’s art to the world was the best experience of our life and we knew we now had to continue our mission for finding our second spiritual artist. A soul whose message can illuminate lives.

We set off with our family on a backpacking trip for 45 days across the Caribbean. Going to Cuba, to learn and explore the culture was a benefit  but our priority was to continuously look for an artist. We found many artists but not THE ONE that resonated with us. The one who uses his or her art to share a message.

One fine day as we were strolling around the streets of Old Havana and in one corner sat a young guy completely indulged in his sketching. And on the side were all his paintings that were filled with eyes. Each of his paintings had an eye in it. His paintings attracted us and we wanted to know what his art was about and why there were so many eyes?

When we approached and asked him about his paintings, our eyes were in tears. There was something deeply moving about his paintings. He explained that his painting were a direct visual reflection of his message to the world. The message is to not just see but also feel all the is around us. His initial inspiration was his professor who is visually impaired. She knows four different languages – Spanish, French, English and Italian. In every painting of his, there would an eye and at the bottom of all his paintings would be a braille to help visually impaired individually appreciate the art through a visual description of the painting. He has an even more powerful message for those that can see. He encourages them to not just see but to feel. To feel their environment. To appreciate the breeze. To feel the calmness. To feel the pain of others. To feel the love and to feel the joy.

Daviel knows how to write and read braille. When we asked him what his favorite painting means, he had closed his eyes and read what it had said. It was about calmness that can only be achieved from within. That moment was so moving for us. Daviel’s painting consists of enchanting color palette which makes up the beautiful paintings. The different shades of green in the painting is truly amazing, so does the story behind it.

Can you see the eye above? It is closed and in the center. Encouraging us all to feel and not just see. Now on the left bottom is the description of the pictures in braille so those with visual impairment can also experience this art. It describes the painting. We all have the ability to feel this calmness.

What Daviel is saying here is that you don’t always have to see but you must feel it as that is the most important thing that matters. We found this as such an inspiring and unique idea that touched our heart. This artist has spent his 8 years in art school and has dedicated his life to painting.  After hearing what his message is we knew that we have to bring his message to the world.

And right that moment we had selected our second artist. We instantly connected with his story and his heart. We knew we had found what we came looking for.

Our respect for Daviel and his partner Liliana only grew as they explained their story and invited us to Liliana’s family house km’s away from Havana. Daviel is a young artist from a family with high values but very limited finances. He left his hometown in Cuba and came to a big city of Havana with nothing with him. He was discouraged by all those around him and criticized that he will never make a living selling his art only. He had studied art for 8 years professionally including a 4 years art degree and 4 year technical training.

All his family members are away in his hometown while he is fighting to survive in Havana and fulfill his dream. He is now lucky to have found a partner Liliana who believes in him and support him in going after his dreams. Together, they spend their weekends on the street displaying his art and trying to find clients.

Daviel is a person with a heart of gold. When he speaks about his art, you can see tears form up in his eyes. His whole face lights up with a big smile as he paints to emphasize just how deeply he loves his mission. Daviel has a gift that he loves, and he wants to utilize it to connect people and ignite their passion.

It is not just the art that we want to bring to life, it is also the story and the passion. Our artist treated us like family. He struggled through to establish himself. Most of his weekend is spent on the street selling the art. Liliana see's a fighter just like her own father in him. Her father built his house with his own hands for the most part. He struggled by cycling 25 km one way in the 80's and 90's to get to Havana and sell his art. We went to her father's house and had an incredible time

Now it was our turn to return the favor! Do you know what it would feel like to be in a city but never have the chance to go to nice places, hotels or the very icons that define the city. How about looking at a castle in the distance everyday and not having the access to go there. How about hotels that are designed only for tourists and not the locals? We invited Daviel and Liliana to spend a day like tourists with us. They, just like us, had never been to these places and what we can say is that day was deeply spirtual and amazing. We simply do not have words to describe them. The video captures some smiles and real laughter. We knew we were making lifetime memories and their incredible people and their art needed to be shared with the world.

The connection we shared was so real that we can't describe it! They were like family to just, just like our first artist Jason is family to us. In a way, Jason is now connected with our artists from Cuba. It is our dream to keep showing the world how similar we all are at the end of the day. 

Then Daviel did somethign amazing. He showed us a concept he had in mind and was inspired to paint it for us, for all the people in the world who are judged even before they get a chance to express themselves. The end product was this masterpiece!

This art moved us personally as well. Every time we take the stage, we are judged before we speak because we are 10 and 8 years old. When we speak, we set the record straight. We may be small, but we have big dreams. We may be young, but our business model is strong. We may be youths but we have the power to change the world. We dedicate this painting to all the youths of the world, to help them realize, they have within them the power they need to make a difference. 

 To all the youths out there, this art is for you. Never underestimate the change you are capable of making in the world.

The artistic journey continued and Daviel produced another masterpiece. We sat down as a family and talked about the shackles that surround us. Shackles of doubt. We have the power to break them. We have the power to rise. We have bigger forces looking after us and we have to simply not be limited anymore. The output of that process was this masterpiece

We are so proud to welcome Daviel to the Two Sister On A Mission online store. Support our mission by buying a print today. We will be selling the original paintings (they have braille on them as well) as well so don't miss out. We are doing everything we can to make a difference, now it is your time to act. Purchase prints at

For all those that have been supporting us, encouraging us and inspiring us - THANK YOU! We are so lucky to have you in our journey.







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