Keynote Speakers

 As Canada's Youngest Social Entrepreneurs, Fatima and Amna have a story that both inspires and moves people. We started our business when we were 10 and 8 year almost 2.5 years ago. We believe that every person on this planet has the power to make a difference regardless of their age. We have been honored to do keynotes in over 70 major conferences, events and startup competitions around Canada with a simple message "We all have the power to make a difference". If this message resonates with you , we would love to support and speak at your event. Email us with event details at . Not only will you support our mission and our artist, it will truly rejuvenate the audience with our call to action to follow their dreams regardless of their age. On 24th October at 9:00 p.m. our Dragons Den episode went viral on national television and we received over 100 media request most of it which we politely declined. This journey is not about us but the power of all humans and youths - the events we speak at are focused on driving real change and that is our message. We stand on behalf of everyone who is told that they are not enough. We may be small but we mean business.

Our message is of hope, purpose and taking action. Our message is for everyone to believe in themselves, to follow their dreams and to not let anyone make them feel that somehow they are not enough. In setting up our own business, we have had to learn big words and even bigger concepts. This is our second business and by failing in the first one we learned even more valuable lessons. We are so blessed to have incredible people and organizations in our lives that believe in our message and have supported us by inviting us as speakers. If this article inspires you, we have two requests (1) Support our business and our artist by getting a print today (2) Invite us to your event or team meeting so we can join hands to make an even bigger difference. Email Below are some conferences and events that spoke at as keynote speakers or participated in:

36) Dragons Den Pitch available at


35) Girl Guides Ontario Council General Meeting

34) World of Choices by Junior Achievement Central Ontario

33) Avixa Women's Book Club 

(We were honored that our book Anything is Possible was by selected by Avixa Women's Council Book Club for the month of February)

32) Desjardins GoodSpark program (Click here)

32) MIT Hacking Arts

We are so honored to be accepted at participants at MIT's prestigious hackathon in Dec 2019. 


31) IBM Tech for Good Competition

After several rounds spanning the last couple of months, we are so honored to share that we are in the top 10 round for IBM & Havas' Tech For Good Pitch Competition. It is a bit surreal as we were up against hundreds of the best startups in Canada. We honestly thought that we wouldn't even make it past the first round but this was a reminder to us that anything is possible when you give your dreams a shot. When the odds are against you, you really have nothing to lose. We will be pitching in finals to a live audience of 1500 at one of the biggest tech conference (Cascon+Evoke) in Canada on 4th Nov. Looking forward to meet two more dragons who will be in attendance.

30) Sustainability Conference with Dr. David Suzuki at University of Toronto

29) Anything is Possible Book Launch

28) AVIXA Womens Council Toronto Conference

27) Anything is Possible Book Campaign Launch

26) Dragon's Den Season 14 

Our pitch in stage 1 audition at Dragon's Den was considered by the producer to be the best she has ever heard in 8 years of doing the show. Were so honored and are hoping to be invite to the Den. Here is our stage 1 pitch and some pictures:

Dragons Den Audition by Canada's Youngest Social Entrepreneurs

We were invited to stage 2 to actually pitch to the Dragons and our pitch will be on national television in Fall 2019

25) Business Launch Ceremony 2019

This was one of the best days of our lives when 250 amazing change makers from around the world gathered together to help us launch our business. Our role models like Major Alexia Hannam Commanding Officer of 417 Squadron flew in from Edmonton and Rob Van Der Ende (senior technology executive) flew in from Singapore. This video captures our story including the business launch:

24) Microsoft Digi Girlz Keynote

After our keynote to 200 girls we met Kevin (President of Microsoft Canada),  Khalil (Country Manager for Azure) and Karen (Territory Manager for Education Industry)

23) Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

We were so honored to share stage with our role models like Unstoppable Tracy, Farah (CEO of Speaker Spotlight) and many others.

22) Toastmasters Gavel Club Keynote Speakers

21) Guest Speakers at Delmanor


20)Winner of Speaker Slam (Youth)

Speaker Slam is the premier speaking event in Canada. I was so excited when I was informed that I have been selected in the 10 finalist.

Honored to share that I won the Youth Speaker Slam. By competing in the under 18 category, I was the youngest competitor but I wanted share my message with other youths that are doubting themselves or are being told they are not enough. We are and you are. We are the change the world needs.  

19) Fearless Voices Vaughan

This event was our first all out standing ovation and we were so honored. We left nothing behind as we imagined the faces of our artist and used our voice to bring their mission to life. Thank you John and Sandro for creating such an empowering platform. There are two videos below, the first one is from the audience perspective and the second one is the official video.

18) Interview on EMMZ Guide 

Jana Kornberg and her daughter Emma run an amazing blog . They inspire us as they are making a real difference through their platform. We were so honored to be interviewed and featured on their blog. Our interview is at

17) University of Toronto Mississauga Startup Expo

We were the youngest presenters and exhibitors at the Startup Expo.  We are able to see far as we stand on the shoulders of giants! We were so inspired to meet Professor Ulrich Krull, Principal of University of Toronto Mississauga and hear his words of encouragement. He spent 20 minutes with us listening to our business and offering his advice and support. It meant the world to us! Sam from iCube and the IMI team were so supportive in making this dream happen.

We are flying because we are supported by giants. It was so inspiring to hear words of encouragement from Principal of University of Toronto Mississauga, Professor Ulrich Krull

Canada's Youngest Social Entrepreneurs at University of Toronto Mississauga - Two sisters on a mission

16) Shoal Lake 40 First Nation Reserve

As a family we are on a mission to build 100 libraries around the world. My father builds with his own hands along with local volunteers and to date we have completed 25 libraries in 9 countries. We joined him on the build in the first nation reserve of Shoal Lake 40 and were so moved by the love and respect we received from the community. He built with the mission to build 100 libraries as he was a child who could not afford any books. We spoke at the inauguration ceremony at the reserve with community leaders and it was a life changing experience for us. It is our passion to support our first nations in any way we can. Below is the video of the build as well as the inauguration ceremony

15) VJ TV Interview

Thank you Dayana for having us on your show and for inspiring us. Parts of this interview posted on different social media platforms went to over 10,000 people

14) Vaughan Business Enterprise Center Social Start Up Challenge

Julie & Raphael you have been a key part of our journey from day 1. It was so inspiring to come 9th out of 40 companies when we competed again serial entrepreneurs three times our age. It was so empowering and we are driven to continuously improve ourselves to win these competitions in the future by going head-to-head and heart-to-heart with series entrepreneurs.

13) Venture Weekend Mississauga Hackathon

Thank you for the team at Venture Weekend Mississauga for having us keynote the last day of presentations. It was so inspiring to be there and to share our story.

Canada's Youngest Social Entrepreneurs Two Sisters on a Mission at Venture Weekend Mississauga

12) LinkedIn Local Brampton

Thank you Taranum, John, Shelley, Cat and so many others in that forum who believed in us and encouraged us. It really moved and inspired us.

11) Rose Theater Brampton

Thank you Nav and team for encouraging us to use our voice and providing a platform to share our message. We got a standing ovation from the crowd and the conversations that followed were amazing. We were so inspired by how people are using art to make a difference

Canada's Youngest Social Entrepreneurs Two Sisters On a Mission at Rose Theater Brampton

10) Small Consistent Actions Podcast by Sam Demma

Sam is an inspiration for us. As Canada's 25 under 25 Environmentalist and co-founder of Pick Waste, he is someone who takes action for what he believes. We have been inspired by his journey and were honored when he asked us to be on his podcast.

9) Social Innovation Challenge

It was so inspiring for our speech to be ranked #1 in 40 pitches by the audience at the end of Day 1. The support we get from so many people is inspiring us to keep pushing hard and to keep making a difference.

8) Milton District High School

Honoured to be invited to Milton District High School to present to the careers class. We spoke about my science fair project that was to establish at "What age does someone select their career and what factors influence them". The results I found were shocking and later I was able to find further evidence from a report by statistics Canada. Did you know, over 60% of people choose their career after 25 years of age thus highlighting that most do not follow the career they choose at the time of their university. Sound like a problem that needs to be fixed as one spends so many valuable years learning something that they hardly use in real life. Thank you Tanya for having us! An article was written in the newspaper about our visit

Two Sisters on a Mission at Milton District High School

Milton District High School


7) Castle Brooke Highschool

CastleBrooke highschool did an amazing book drive to help us take this gift of knowledge to the far corners of the planet. It was such a moving experience to see how youths have not just the drive but the ability to take incredible action. We received 600+ books that have now been placed in the libraries we helped our father build around the world.

Two Sisters on a Mission at Castlebrooke Highlschool

6) Women in STEM Conference at University of Waterloo

It was amazing to be around wonderful women who are disrupting the field of STEM. As a keynote speaker I shared my own journey of doing something that has not been done before and was the youngest speaker the conference has ever had and it was my first time to be on a panel alongside industry executives from Deloitte and other organisations. As they say, just because something hasn't been done before doesn't mean it can't be done.

5) Women in Business University of Toronto

We are so lucky to follow in the footsteps of those that have blazed the path. We were so inspired to meet Janet (Senior Vice President Scotia bank) and Julie (Senior Executive Scotiabank), Priya (Executive at Google). I asked them a question on what inspires them to push the boundaries and to getup every morning with the drive they have. Janet asked me if I wanted to work at Scotia bank and I told her I was so honored but I couldn't leave my sister in the business :). Their warmth, support and love inspires us to push the boundaries, to follow in their footsteps and to drive their mission forward.

Canada's Youngest Social Entrepreneurs at Women in Business Conference

4) LinkedIn Local Humber College

We are members of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Humber College. at this event, we got to meet some of the incredible people that have been supporting us. Meeting Raeshelle was such a highlight. She showed us through our personality on how to use your power to raise others. We were so inspired by her and her team.

Canada's Youngest Social Entrepreneurs at LinkedIn Local Humber

3) York Angel Investors Event

We learned so much by being a part of York Angel Investors event. The world does not simply need more people who care but it needs more people who care who are willing to act on it and use their power to make a difference. We are working hard to understand the dynamics of business so we can use it as a force to drive goodness in the world. Thank you Julie, Jess and your team for having us at this event.

Canada's Youngest Social Entrepreneurs at York Angel Investor event

2) Student Management Association Dinner Gala 

Student Management Association leaders at University of Toronto have been a key part of our journey. From Emily, to Arsh to Sebastian and the leadership team of Donna, Heather and Linnet have been with us from Day 1. Their support powers us on and it was so amazing to be invited as a CEO to this industry dinner, one of the largest in Canada organized by a student club. I sat beside an Olympian whose story was so moving and relevant to the issues of youths today. I received so many message of support that I felt really inspired.

1) Library in a Week Gala 

This was one of our first speeches and while we were nervous, we found our power in our message. We were not alone on stage. We were representing all youths that are judged too quickly and our message was to show that we have the power to make a difference. We spoke alongside our role models like Joze Piranian (Canada's #1 Inspirational Speaker), Avi D'Souza (Founder of Not Just Tourist Toronto and featured on CNN) and Shelli (First Female Firefighter of Mississauga). 

Our Role Models 

We are flying because we are supported a positive energy of so many incredible people who inspire us. We also want to recognize incredible role models in our lives that are encouraging us to fly. First of all, it is our parents who invest so much time in our success for which we are grateful! In addition, we are lucky to be surrounded by incredible mentors. They take their valuable time to help us grow and through their very existence they send a message to us that anything is possible. That success does not happen by itself. These courageous individuals use their power to lift others and we are so blessed to have them in our lives and to be inspired by them on an ongoing basis. We are going to do a separate post about our role model but there is one we really want to call out - thank you Major Alexia for all your support. It is hard to describe Major Alexia. She is one of the coolest people we know on the planet. Not only is she is the Commanding Officer of 417 Search and Rescue Squadron, she is so humble, kind and funny! Her very presence empowers us and she sends us the most wonderful messages across the year. We keep her updated on all our progress and one day, we hope to be just like her. Thank you Major Alexia for being our guardian angel - there are no words to describe how much we love and respect you. 

For all the youths out there, we have one message. Believe in your power and surround yourself with those that raise your spirit.