"Commitment" by Lazar Family of North Africa

"Commitment" by Lazar Family of North Africa

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Commitment reflects in simple words what parents do to raise their children around the world and their commitment to the family.

We are thrilled to launch our 5th artist - 12 year old Salowah and her family! We backpacker in Morocco last month and met the incredible Lazar family on the side of the street as they were preparing and selling beautiful art pieces. They start their work early in the morning and end late in the night. The Lazar family is extremely hard-working and work together to support each other.

They use their art to send the wonderful message of happiness, gratitude and love to the world.

 The art can be enjoyed in your home either as a mounted canvas print ready to be hung on the wall OR as a puzzle to be enjoyed building as a family. Do you want the kids to build it by themselves then choose the 25 pieces puzzle! Looking for some quality family time that will help make a difference, then choose the 529 pieces puzzle.