"HOME" by Lazar Family of North Africa

"HOME" by Lazar Family of North Africa

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Home is where you heart is - this beautiful message is what the Lazar family believes in. We met them in North Africa and they all paint to make a living. We because friends with the 12 year old daughter Salowah Lazar who works with her father and her brother to support the family and send the wonderful message of happiness, gratefulness and love to the world.

We have exciting news!! We found our 5th artist.This is painted by the Lazar family who live in Marrakech, Morocco. They paint on the side of the street. The Lazar family is an amazing and hardworking family, they are a family of 5. Kalifa and his lovely wife have 3 children, Salah, Salowah, and Rashida. They all paint together adding all their ideas in the painting. They set their small booth early in the morning and work till late in the night. They explained us their story and we knew that they must be on our store. In their own words they explained the meaning of the painting. See the video at https://lnkd.in/e-rNNAh

It captures  the early days of Marrakech. It captures with love the image of home from many year ago. It is to always remember where your home is and to know that there is no other place like your home. Know that your home will welcome you every single time and noone can sepearte you from your love from you home whether it is somewhere you choose to live or somewhere where you were born for generations - home is where you heart is and home is your safe place that you must work hard to make even better.

We want to support the Lazar family by selling atleast 10 prints in the next two weeks as they work hard every day to make a living. We can only do this with your support. Please purchase a print today and take action with us.

We are also proud to launch a new campaing #MakeaDifferenceInMarch . We are on a road trip across North Africa to build libraries (www.libraryinaweek.com) and we have decided to dedicate a 100% of our profits to the building of libraries for the month of March. This applies to any product on our store. Buy a print and make a impact with us.

The art can be enjoyed in your home either as a mounted canvas print ready to be hung on the wall OR as a puzzle to be enjoyed building as a family. Do you want the kids to build it by themselves then choose the 25 pieces puzzle! Looking for some quality family time that will help make a difference, then choose the 529 pieces