"Joy" by Yasmani

"Joy" by Yasmani

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Yasmani Hasan lives in Cuba. We met him on the street which searching for spiritual artists with a powerful message that the words needs to hear. His art is inspired by the simple emotion of Joy! His message is that too many times, we focus on the negative, both within and around us. It is much more important to focus on happiness and JOY. It is always withing the reach no matter how tough the situation is. 

In this painting, he painting children from Africa that are always represented in malnourished and sad images. His message is that they too have happy moments and can teach us all a lot about being grateful and enjoying life with limited resources. 

The original painting is also available.

The art can be enjoyed in your home either as a mounted canvas print ready to be hung on the wall OR as a puzzle to be enjoyed building as a family. Do you want the kids to build it by themselves then choose the 25 pieces puzzle! Looking for some quality family time that will help make a difference, then choose the 529 pieces puzzle.