Worldwide Book Launch of Two Sisters on a Mission! It is called "Anything is Possible"

We just had the most INCREDIBLE weekend ever - we will post the full videos and pictures later but we just can't wait to share part of this energy. It is really hard to describe the feeling. We launched our book with thousands present including our artist from Grassy Narrows. Our role models flew in from around the world for our book launch and we are THRILLED to share that now our book, Anything is Possible, is available worldwide on Amazon. Over 200 copies have been sold and people shared such moving words that it really inspired us! Here is the link to Amazon Canada. The book is available in full color or black and white.  NOW... to add to that we just got informed that our pitch on Dragons Den will be aired on 24th October at 9:00 p.m. Tune in to see what happened! We are also hosting a private watch party in Toronto with 150 of our closest customers, supporters and mentors. If you would like to join us, email us at and we will get back to you.

Now.. who would like a sneak preview? Click on the link here to see our application for Desjardins GoodSpark Program that was filmed also at CBC when we went for the main Dragons Den pitch ! We feel so lucky to be in the list of candidates for this program that is designed to make a real difference and support entrepreneurs who are trying to do good things in the world.

Now coming back to the book launch.. The energy around the whole weekend was so special and so many visited our booth. The energy started building on 26th September when Jason Fobister our first artist arrived in Toronto for the big weekend. See on how we met Jason and how his art inspired us. We had a small ceremony at our home to bless the launch of the book, just as Jason has blessed the launch of our business, it was so special. Our mentors and role models Rob joined us from Singapore and Linnet from University of Toronto who has been such a big supporter of us.

Then more of our role models arrived from around Canada and we had a sold-out dinner on 27th September where we soft-launched our book. It was such an emotional and moving experience for all of us, Rob raised our spirits, Major Alexia flew in from Cold Lake Alberta, Farah Perelmuter, one of the most successful business women in Canada shared such words that will be with us for life, Dr. Mike Allcott joined us with his encouraging and heartfelt words, Sharon Babineau brought Maddie's story and energy to life for all of us. We were grateful to be in the company of those we look up and so many other youths as well who perhaps will start their own journey inspired by ours. That is all we seek from this book and from everything we are doing. To drive change that is real and meaningful.


The main launch was at, one of the largest youth employment and empowerment events in Canada and we received so much love and support from all those who attended the launch ceremony as well as those that visited our booth!

Now as we get ready to take our message nationally, we are inspired. We are thrilled to share that we will be the keynote speakers on 16th October at one of the largest Sustainability Conferences in Canada ( alongside our role models and legends like Dr. David Suzuki and educators from around the world. We have so much to learn from these incredible role model and look forward to it.

For all those that have been a part of our journey, THANK YOU for being the wind beneath our wings. Enjoy the book and we look forward to see many of you at one of the upcoming events.


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