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Keynote Speeches: Using Our Voice

Keynote Speeches: Using Our Voice

We believe we have a message and it needs to be heard. It is a message that all of us have the power to change the world if we overcome fear and connect with our purpose. We believe in using our voice not just for ourselves, but on behalf of all those youths that are told that they are not enough.

We are honored to have been invited as keynote speakers to over 17 conferences and received support from mentors that are inspiring us to work even hard.  Here are some of the events:

Fearless Voice Vaughan (25th Feb, 2019)


How We Found Our Second Artist - He is inspired by those who cannot see

How We Found Our Second Artist - He is inspired by those who cannot see

The video above will move you! Especially the end. We simply should not just see but feel all that is around us. This one statement moved us when our second artist shared the inspiration behind his art for the visually impaired and for those impaired of their feelings towards others. He wants his art to inspire people to feel. 

Art is a way to see the world. To send a message.Being an artist isn’t just about putting paint brush to canvas....

How Our Dream Came True

Creating our own social business at the age of 9 and 7 is a feeling we can't describe. We would like to share with you the story of how our dream had come true. When you read this passage, leave your mind empty and fill it up with ideas for your dream. If our story has one message, it is that all dreams can come true if you follow them😊.

Two Sisters on a Mission Founders

When we went as a family to build a library in a first nation community of Grassy Narrows, we were there...